My Latest Adventure – 5 tips for hiking

Over labor day long weekend, I was in Calgary Alberta for a friend’s wedding.  For a quick day trip I ended up visiting Kananaskis Country and went hiking on a short 2km hike by the name of Troll Falls.  This hike is a easy one hike great for catching up with family and talking with friends.  Suitable for all ages even kids.

Since this teepee was left on the side of the hike, I had to stop by for a photo.

5 Tips for Hiking:
  • Wear layers!  When hiking in the mountains it could get chilly under the trees but when you reach higher land that is more open it could get pretty sunny and warm from the sun.
  • Check the weather forecast before you go and check if there are any advisory notices before you go up the mountain.
  • Things to pack:  Snacks, water, bug repellent, sun screen, a hat, sunglasses, whistle.
  • Go to the bathroom before you go on the hike.  There are plenty of tourist welcome centers and question booths where you can make a stop before you go up.  If you do need to go while on the trail, remember to bring packages of tissue paper, hand sanitizer, moist wipes.
  • Cellphones sometimes do not work in the mountain.  So be prepared.  Make sure you have a car charger to juice up your battery once you are finished your hike.
My Outfit:
  • Zara Open Cardigan
  • AloYoga Hoodie
  • New York Yankees Hat
  • Victoria Secret Sport Leggings
  • Nike Air Zoom Strong Training Shoes
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