Hey, I’m Stef and I’m glad you are here!

Friends tell me I have a one of a kind laugh.  I’m into natural beauty and skin care fanatic and like drinking my matcha lattes in the mornings.  My favorite season is summer and I absolutely love sunsets.  I have yet to meet one that I didn’t get along with.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had Eczema which made me very self conscious.  Growing up, I was made fun of a lot.  Especially for bringing soy milk, asian fried rice and seaweed snacks to school which made me feel like I did not belong.  Here at 5teffy.com,  I want to share my personal wellness and fitness journey.  Including natural remedies for eczema, skincare that has worked for me based on my experience on battling my skin aliments and allergies.  My recipes are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.  Mostly plant based.  I believe in a wholesome and simplistic integrative approach to life.  Over the years, I have tried many types of natural modalities and holistic healing modalities became so fascinating to me.  And lastly, I will also write about product reviews that I truly believe in.

After more research, I wanted to learn more and find a way to heal my own body.  It lead me to studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where the studies solidified my passion more for a holistic lifestyle.

Over the years, I have learned the more time I spent time practicing self care in a natural and holistic way, I became more happy!  My skin naturally glowed and all possibilities felt endless.  When I exercise, travel, give myself some “Me” time, eat healthy, laugh, sun bathe and doing the things I love, it makes me feel great.  And when I feel great , I felt more happy and confident.


Professionally, she has worked for many top New York City companies in the corporate fashion industry designing products.  She has a passion for graphic design, illustration, art direction and media creation.  She has consulted and done freelance projects for many brands and companies.  If you are interested in hiring her for creative projects and collaborations.  Send her a note here:

Stef currently resides in New York City and is also a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Health Coach .  She is a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where her studies solidified her passion for sharing and helping others with making healthier choices.  Stef is also a certified 200 hour yoga instructor.  She believes in female empowerment and community and has organized healthy lifestyle events around New York City.  She enjoys various forms of movement, loves being outdoors in nature and is a fitness enthusiast.


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