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Easy to Make Rice Rolls!

Here’s my version of super easy to make Gluten Free Rice Rolls! They are perfect for a quick appetizers as snack or a full on meal!

gluten free rice rolls

Tip #1 : The rice wrap needs to be wet first before wrapping. Fill a flat dish with warm water. Evenly wet the rice wrap and move to the plate before filling the ingredients up.

Ti0 # 2: These are best eaten fresh, FYI…if you put them in the fridge over night, the consistency of the rice rolls gets a little hard.

Cooked Ingredients (For the protein filling)
* 1/2 inch ginger
* 2 scallions
* 5 shiitake mushrooms
* 1/2 cup wood ear
* 1 cup protein of choice (pork, tofu) here we used tofu to create this recipe. For a vegans version, I would recommend using firm tofu.

Raw Ingredients (used for garnish and add to the rice roll)
* Bean Sprouts
* Cilantro
* almonds + pine nuts (or you can use peanuts)


  • Stir Fry the Cooked Ingredients together with 1 tbsp oil to create the protein filling
  • Set it aside and prepare the raw ingredients for your rice roll
  • Wet rice papers in a flat dish with warm water
  • Start rolling your ingredients
  • Fold, wrap and roll the rice wrap
  • Ready to eat!

Fresh Raw Ingredients with cooked protein on the side

adding the raw ingredients with the protein

* I used kimchee but you can add oyster sauce inside or dip the roll in some light sodium soy sauce

adding kimchee for extra flavor

rolled and ready to eat!