I'm Steph and I’m glad you are here!


Steph is a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Health Coach who works with clients privately 1-on-1.  

She graduated from  the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2014. Her studies solidified her passion for  holistic health and helping others.

With the goal to help people live healthier and happier.  Steph works with clients on making small changes.  For instance, changing what you eat for breakfast, can really set the tone for your entire day: goodbye brain fog, farewell anxiety, and  hello to a energetic and super-productive me!

Just imagine what these small healthy adapts to your lifestyle can do for you in the long run?

Somewhere along the way, we forgot that food should care for our body and our mind. Let’s reconnect with eating habits that are good to us by getting back in touch with natural whole foods.  You’ll find these meals not only visually satisfying but are colored, nutrient dense and yummy too.


Sure, natural foods are great for us. But to be honest, we are often more comfortable with our smartphone than a butternut squash or hearing something new and foreign such as a beet root latte or raw cacao nibs.  

I am a firm believer that knowledge comes from the practice of learning how to understand your body and building a good relationship yourself.  The know-how to make practicing and listening your body easier.  Happiness comes in part from what we eat, but it also relies on how kind we are to ourselves.

services i offer:

Health Coaching
Photo + Video
Content Creation
Graphic Design
Social Media Management