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My Bedtime Rituals

Bed Time Rituals

Getting ready for bed every night is one of my favorite things to do. I look forward to my nightly bed- time rituals. These are some of the things I like to do that helps prepares my body and mindset for winding down from the busyness from the day. In turn makes me have a better rest at night. A good night’s sleep rejuvenates me for the morning. Sticking with the same nightly bedtime routine makes it physically easier for the body to secrete hormones that induce the sleep and help relieve insomnia. Here are some ideas to help transition the body into sleep:


Plan for at least 30-60 minutes before your goal bedtime for winding down from the day

I start by getting into the mood.


** Wash Up, remove all make up from the day and bathe

** Change into your pajamas and comfy lounge clothing

** Make your bed and sleeping area special

** Fluff the pillow up

** Spritz the bedding and pillow with lavender essential oil mist spray

Journalling and Bed Time Rituals by 5teffy – in partnership with Ttempurpedic


** Start drinking tea after dinner for calming and for digestion

** Plan a list of 3 top goals of things to achieve the next day

** Light yoga or stretching, breathing techniques

** Reading, meditation or prayers

Bed Time Rituals by 5teffy in partnership with Ttempurpedic


* Turn off and get them out of sight

** Don’t use computer or electronic device before going to sleep

** I like to charge my electronic devices and get them out of sight. Living in New York City I find my apartment has limited space so I like to turn my phone off and put it on airplane mode. I have even tried unplugging the Internet all together.



** Low lighting, light candles

** Soft sounds music

** Turn the AC up or heat down. I find that the temperature should be just right for my best sleep




* Drinking too much water, eating vitamins with water before bedtime, caffeine before Bed-Time. It is best for the body to sleep straight thru the night. If you drink too much water or fluids before Bed-Time, you will have to wake up in the middle of the night

* Eating too late or eating too much before bed. I try not to eat anything at least 4 hours before sleeping.

* I try not to watch movies or TV right before bed. I like to give my eyes full rest.

* We live in such a technology driven world. Many of us check our phones multiple times a day. Also there are some apps I use more than others. I like how the new iPhone operating system tells me how much activity I have been spending on each app. I find that using the cell phone or computer right before bed affects my sleep. So, I try to avoid this to have a better more peaceful and deep sleep.

Let me know what some of your bedtime rituals are! I would love to know 🙂

Lifestyle Reviews

My Experience with EduPlated App

I was invited to try the EduPlated app and write my feedback.

How it works:

On the EduPlated app, you are matched up with a Registered Dietitian (RDNs) who supports you various with varying health goals depending on the individual ranging from weight loss, family meal prep, sports nutrition, aiding with healthy active lifestyles, dealing with medical concerns and such as diabetes or other health issues.

I have over the years learned to understand my body so generally I know what to feed it and nourish myself.  The problem I had addressed to Jennifer was that I was not sure if I am eating enough and getting the proper amount of nutrition as I change my physical activity and don’t have a set schedule.

She suggested I work on my macronutrients and micronutrients and gave me a breakdown of the percentages I should target.  Also, she has also been working with me to give me sample meal plans of  what I should eat out of the foods I normally enjoy on different days depending on my work out schedule.

What I love the most about the app is how you can easily you can be interacting with your RDN!   –  It’s awesome that they pair you up with the right dietitian according to your goals and needs.  When it came to chatting, I was able to get a response fairly quickly.  It is so simple, all you have to do is CHAT!  I was chatting to my RDN from the grocery store.  On this app, you have access to unlimited chatting with y our RDN from anytime and anywhere.

  • can send message directly to my RDN and From the chat window
  • can send photos of your meal and snacks that you have eaten that day.
  • can share any web links, menus other files for RDN to refer to.So far it is been a great experience and think this is a brilliant idea.  My final thoughts?  It’s an easy way to get the best of both worlds, technology and a human connection at the ease of your fingertips to be able to help you with questions to make smarter nutrition decisions.

Interested in trying it out?  Use coupon code  “5teffy15” for 15% off

You can find EduPlated app here:



A trip to the Lavender Fields

I absolutely love Lavender the smell and it’s many therapeutic benefits. It’s been a dream of mine to visit the Lavender fields in the South of France!  It’s still on my bucket list and since I haven’t made the trip there yet.  I dragged my friend to take me to visit the Lavender Fields in Long Island of  New York.  It was a lovely day trip to hit up the fields.  Here are some photos from my trip.


Lavender by the Bay

The farm is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

7540 Main Road
East Marion NY11939

This farm has a little shop with many great lavender infused products and of course sells a lot of fried lavender.  If you can’t make it to the actual shop at the farm, they also set up shop in the Union Square Farmers market NYC.

How to get here:

Please note that there is no public transportation directly to the Lavender farm.  We drove here directly for the day which was pretty easy to get to – but if you are spending the weekend in the Hamptons or Long Island you can make your way out here easily.  Or, if you wish you may take the LIRR to the town of Greenport. Lavender by the Bay is located a short 20-minute bike ride from the Greenport train station. OR, you may take a bus through Hampton Jitney to East Marion, or arrange Dan’s Bike Rental to meet you with bikes at your hotel, train or bus stop.

This dress with the cold shoulder had great details and was perfect for hanging out in the lavender fields.  Shop my look here: