Savoring Vietnamese Culture: Chef Duyen’s Culinary Haven in Hanoi, Vietnam

I love booking cooking classes when exploring foreign cities, and Chef Duyen’s Countryside Cooking Class in Hanoi, Vietnam, was truly an Unforgettable Fusion of Flavors, History, and International Connections.

If you’re a culinary adventurer seeking an experience beyond the ordinary, let me take you through my delightful escapade with Chef Duyen’s class. This savory journey into the heart of Vietnamese cuisine was spiced with warmth, history, and a dash of international flair, making it an exceptional addition to your travel itinerary.

1. A Culinary Chef: Imagine being guided through the art of Vietnamese cooking by Chef Duyen, a culinary maestro with over a decade of professional experience. What adds an extra layer of excitement? Chef Duyen has not only mastered Vietnamese cuisine but has also shared a kitchen with the legendary Chef Gordon Ramsay. Yes, you read it right! Chef Gordon Ramsay himself took this very cooking class. The proof? A framed photo on Chef Duyen’s kitchen wall. Get ready to absorb pro kitchen skills and culinary tales from Chef Duyen’s fascinating journey.

2. Market Fun and Ingredients Knowledge: The adventure begins with a personalized pickup from your Hanoi hotel, leading to a vibrant local market. Here, Chef Duyen imparts hands-on wisdom in selecting the freshest ingredients. Strolling through the market, she shares stories behind each item, offering a cultural understanding that enriches your culinary adventure. Tasting different species of herbs? A delightful bonus! She also brought us to places to see them make tofu, traditional sweets and more!

3. Traditional Dishes, Vegan Alternatives, and Kitchen Tricks: Half the class creates the iconic caramel pork, while the other half, including me, crafted its vegan counterpart. Chef Duyen unfolds the secrets of traditional dishes and imparts valuable kitchen tricks acquired over the years. It’s more than cooking; it’s embracing the artistry behind Vietnamese culinary traditions and refining your own kitchen skills.

4. Taste Mushroom Umami Explosion: The banana leaf salad with umami-rich mushrooms stands out as a key highlight. Chef Duyen’s creativity is evident as she turns this dish into a canvas of flavors and cultural insights. Roasted and sautéed umami mushrooms are a game-changer – a must-try that will leave your taste buds in awe.

5. Spring Rolls: Fun Crafting and Northern Wisdom: Crafting Vietnamese spring rolls becomes an enjoyable affair, complete with a fun learning experience. Here’s a nugget of wisdom from Chef Duyen – in the north, they use soft spring roll papers, eliminating the need for water. It’s the small details that elevate the experience.

6. Taro Dessert: Sweet Communal Finale: The grand finale – a taro dessert that not only satisfies your sweet tooth but creates a sweet closure to an unforgettable experience. Sharing this dessert with newfound friends from around the globe transforms the class into a communal feast, highlighting the universal joy of good food.

Conclusion: A Culinary Symphony Beyond Borders: In essence, Chef Duyen’s Cooking Class and market tour is not just about learning to cook; it’s a symphony of flavors, history, and international connections. For any foodie with a love for cooking, this is an unmissable experience. From honing your kitchen skills to indulging in communal dining, every moment is a celebration. If Hanoi is on your travel horizon, do yourself a favor and book a seat in Chef Duyen’s kitchen – your taste buds and travel-loving heart will undoubtedly thank you! 🌍🍲✨

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