My Experience with EduPlated App

I was invited to try the EduPlated app and write my feedback.

How it works:

On the EduPlated app, you are matched up with a Registered Dietitian (RDNs) who supports you various with varying health goals depending on the individual ranging from weight loss, family meal prep, sports nutrition, aiding with healthy active lifestyles, dealing with medical concerns and such as diabetes or other health issues.

I have over the years learned to understand my body so generally I know what to feed it and nourish myself.  The problem I had addressed to Jennifer was that I was not sure if I am eating enough and getting the proper amount of nutrition as I change my physical activity and don’t have a set schedule.

She suggested I work on my macronutrients and micronutrients and gave me a breakdown of the percentages I should target.  Also, she has also been working with me to give me sample meal plans of  what I should eat out of the foods I normally enjoy on different days depending on my work out schedule.

What I love the most about the app is how you can easily you can be interacting with your RDN!   –  It’s awesome that they pair you up with the right dietitian according to your goals and needs.  When it came to chatting, I was able to get a response fairly quickly.  It is so simple, all you have to do is CHAT!  I was chatting to my RDN from the grocery store.  On this app, you have access to unlimited chatting with y our RDN from anytime and anywhere.

  • can send message directly to my RDN and From the chat window
  • can send photos of your meal and snacks that you have eaten that day.
  • can share any web links, menus other files for RDN to refer to.So far it is been a great experience and think this is a brilliant idea.  My final thoughts?  It’s an easy way to get the best of both worlds, technology and a human connection at the ease of your fingertips to be able to help you with questions to make smarter nutrition decisions.

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You can find EduPlated app here:


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