Grand opening season of my backyard

HELLO May! Yay, spring is finally here!
With it comes a beautiful time to celebrate fresh, fresh, colorful blooms, my favorite cherry blossoms, and last but not least, the start of patio season we have all been waiting for.

If you know me, nowadays I only drink for special occasions. But, since it’s the start of spring and my birthday week, I’m making an exception! My roommate has an annual Kentucky Derby party the first weekend of May, so we were hanging in our backyard and getting it ready for the season this afternoon.

I cracked open a bottle of Comsi Comsa with my roommate, and we both enjoyed the sun and hanging out under a canopy of fragrant flowers.
A friend sent me this bottle of Sparkling Apple Wine, so today was the perfect time to try it. The bottle has a chic, classic design; with the bottle being black, it works with all sorts of decor. I kept it low-key by using mason jars. One of the reasons why I like using mason jars (especially outdoors, is because I can put a plastic lid on them when I’m just talking and hanging out, that way, no bugs or nasties will drop into my glass)
I sipped this sparkling wine this afternoon and snacked on almonds, and enjoyed the fragrant aroma of magnolia flowers from my backyard:) What a perfect afternoon!
Regarding food and beverage products, I try to stick to locally grown produce whenever possible. It’s better for the environment and has a much less carbon footprint. So I was happy to find that Comsi Comsa has a fragrant, crisp aroma from the locally produced Catskills, NY apples. Their all-natural apple-based sparkling wine is made by fermenting apples with champagne yeast. This region grows over 20 types of apples growing in surrounding orchards, which they use a unique combination of to produce their recipe.
This is such a perfect sweet treat refresher not only for springtime but can be enjoyed year-round paired with different dishes and snacks.

Enjoying a great May day in my backyard patio
I love using mason jars for everything

up close and personal
table spread of the comsi comsa

Disclaimer:  Bottle of Comsi Comsa was gifted for me to try by a friend.  All options and photography of my own. Find out more: Drink Sauvage

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