The best places to watch the sunset in NYC for free

The only kind of sunsets that I don’t like are the ones that I missed.


Golden Hour is the daytime period shortly after sunrise or before sunset; it’s when the daylight has redder hues and casts a softer feeling than when the sun is higher up in the sky. It’s one of my favorite times to photograph photos. The sun is just magical then, creating a soft feeling and warm casts on images. 

5teffy’s Top 5 favorite places to catch a free NYC sunset:

  1. Gantry Plaza State Park is located at 4-09 47th Rd, Queens, NY 10007. This Long Island City park is perfect for watching the sunset with a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. A quick one-stop on the ferry from 34th Street on the east side, or you can get here by the 7 train.

2. The Highline Park – is an elevated above-ground public greenway park built on top of old railroad tracks located on the west side of Manhattan. Since it’s on the west side, it’s the perfect place to see the sunset. There are many spots along the 1.45-mile-long park, but when I lived in Chelsea, and would eat my dinners up here with my old roomie. There are wooden benches with the perfect unobstructed view of the sunset. Enter at 14th Street using the elevators and plenty of seating with the best view (: 

3. On JFK Boulevard East in Weehawken, NJ – on JFK Boulevard East in Weehawken and West New York, NJ, there are various small parks on the side of the road parks with unobstructed views of the Manhattan Skyline. From sunrise to sunset, there is no better spot to get amazing pics of the NYC skyline. On nights with great weather, you’ll find tons of engagement photos, professional cameras, and families all here to enjoy the scenic views, so head a few blocks north for a good spot! 

How to get here: 

One option is by bus, which is usually the way I come since It’s just a short 10 min bus ride from The Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan located at 41st/42nd Street and 8th Avenue. You can take a Blvd East bus number 165 or 166. Check the gate the bus leaves at. The cost per one-way ride is $3.50. The drivers do not take cash when boarding the bus from the Port Authority Bus Terminal; you must pay for the ticket or pre-download the app and buy your ride that way.

Another option is to take a ferry, the NY Waterway Ferry, to the Port Imperial / Weehawken stop. On a day with great weather, this is a great scenic option. The closest is the stop from Midtown West and 12th Ave, located at 39th Street. The service route runs 7 days a week and all day between Port Imperial in Weehawken, NJ, and Midtown/W. 39 St. Free connecting shuttle bus services are available to and from the Midtown terminal.

The tickets for an adult are $9. When exiting the ferry terminal, look for a set of stairs that lead you to an overpass taking you across the Street. Walk across this overpass, and climb up the metal stairs structure connects that bring you to the top of the Boulevard. 

4. Dominio Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, located at:

One of my favorite things is to bike down to this park, park my bike, walk up the ramp, get a taco, and enjoy the views.

15 River St

Brooklyn, NY 11249

United States

5. Brooklyn Bridge Park located at:

334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

This park is located on the Brooklyn side of the East River in New York City. The entire area is so pretty. My favorite is Janes Carousel and On the Brooklyn Bridge – overlooking the skyline, the water, and just being on the bridge! What’s not to love?



Are you a sunset chaser like me? 

What’s your favorite place to watch the sunset in your city?

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