My Top 5 Go-to Poke Places – NYC

I first tried Poke during my trip to Hawaii back in 2007.  I immediately fell in love and ate it everyday during my stay.  It’s the perfect warm summer satisfying meal and covers all the food groups.  I like to eat it with plenty of greens, seaweeds and mango.

After trying over a dozen of different Poke spots in NYC here’s my top 5 list:

  1. PokeWorks – They have a few locations in Manhattan.  Most of the time I am not a fan of chains but here, they are really consistent and their flavor is always just right.  I love how you can do half rice and half salad option for the days when I don’t need too many carbs.
  2. Wisefish Poke – They have a few different sizes so the small one is perfect for a snack. — UPDATE HAS CLOSED
  3. Pokespot –  Get zucchini noodles for less carbs! – UPDATE HAS CLOSED
  4. Pokebab – in Williamsburg

209 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

5. Poketeria – UPDATE HAS CLOSED

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